Meet all the amazing and visionary people who make VR Coaster possible!
Our team comprises the most talented experts in VR design, visuals and animation, engineering as well as marketing. Together with our partners from the renowned roller coaster manufacturer Mack Rides and the high-tech specialists from EMIS Electrics, our creative team can take on almost any technical and artistic challenge.

VR Coaster Headquarters in Kaiserslautern, Germany


Thomas Wagner

Co-Founder and Managing Partner / CEO of VR Coaster GmbH & Co. KG

CEO of VR Coaster and Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern, Thomas Wagner is also the inventor of the mobile, wireless VR Coaster Sync System. Working in the Media and Games Industry for nearly 20 years now, currently with his Game App Label Gamesmold, Wagner already won several international Awards for Excellence in Game-, 3D- and Mobile App Design.

Christian von Elverfeldt

CEO of Mack Rides GmbH & Co. KG, Co-Owners of VR Coaster GmbH & Co. KG

Christian von Elverfeldt is the head of Mack Rides GmbH & Co. KG. The renowned German roller coaster manufacturer company is one of the three Partners and Co-Owners of VR Coaster. They have supported the VR Coaster project right from the start, and with their years of experience, VR Coaster can work closely with a world-class team of experts in modern ride engineering.

Michael Mack

CEO of MackMedia, Managing Partner of Europa-Park, Co-Owner of VR Coaster

Michael Mack is the visionary head of MackMedia and co-manages Europa-Park, the second largest Theme Park in Europe. He is breaking new grounds in entertainment experience and greatly supports VR Coaster research and development on the Mack Rides coasters at Europa-Park. Also, he brought the very first VR Coaster attraction into public operations.


Technical and Marketing

Dennis Gordt

CTO and Procurator
of VR Coaster

Dennis Gordt is Head of Development at Mack Rides and Chief Technical Officer at VR Coaster. Also, he was working very closely together with Thomas Wagner right from the start to realize the vision of a wireless, mobile VR roller coaster experience

Christian Simon

Head of Engineering

Christian is a skilled engineer who helps developing our VR Cover solution, our Swim VR and Diving Theatre equipment and everything mechanical related.

Christoph Marchetti

Hardware Developer, After Sales Support

Christoph is a skilled hardware and electronics specialist.

Florian Steiert

Project Manager at our partner EMIS Electrics

Florian Steiert is the hands-on expert in wiring and installing the VR Coaster Hardware onto diverse roller coaster vehicles. If you equip our system to your ride, it is most likely that he will show up!


Creative Team

Thomas Wagner

CEO & Creative Director, 2D/3D Artist, Animator, Unity Developer

Aside from leading VR Coaster as Managing Partner, Thomas Wagner is also Head of Creations. He brings decades of experience in game design, 2D/3D art, animation and storytelling into the creative process of the VR Coaster content production. Also, he has developed the Unity framework that drives any VR Coaster ride.

Alica Hensel

Assistant to the Management

Alica is involved in most of our organizational and administrative processes.

Robin Herrmann

Head of Animation and Production

As Head of Production, Robin Herrmann is leading the creative media production process. He is a highly talented Maya Animator with years of experience in feature films as well as multiple VR projects. He also supervizes our team of Animators.

Michael Heyse

Head of R&D

Michael Heyse is a highly talented software and hardware developer with many years of experience. He leads the department of Research and Development as well as oversees all aspects of Hard- and Software Development

Thomas Faul

Senior Hardware Developer

Thomas Faul is a skilled Hard- and Software Developer with decades of experience in leading electronic engineering processes

Dennis Würger

Creative Supervisor

Dennis Würger is a highly skilled 3D Artist, comprising expertise in modelling, sculpting and surface / shader design. He also mastered Unity 3D to bring his artistry into realtime environments and has expertise in Game Design.

Dennis Rappl

3D Artist / Animation and

Dennis Rappl is a highly talented animator and 3D modeller, also focussing on surface design and texturing. In addition, he is an experienced Unity 3D developer.

Melissa Schramm

First Level Support

Melissa is not only a skilled artist, but she will also answer your calls when you are in need of support.

Katharina Chmielewski

Senior 3D Artist

Katharina Chmielewski is a skilled 3D modeller with many years of eyperience

Stephan Schlosser


Stephan is a skilled and experienced software developer

Christian Roder

Low-Poly Modeling Artist

Christian Roder is a 3DS Max artist with great experience in low-poly-modeling and optimization of realtime assets.

Angela Schiemann

Concept Artist

Angela Schiemann is a skilled Concept Artist and Sculptor

Tirsa Reeh

Senior Animator

Tirsa Reeh is a skilled Animator and artistic Generalist

Gabriel Schneider


Gabriel is a skilled and experienced software developer.

Hannes Bermel

Senior Unity Developer

Hannes Bermel is a skilled and experienced Unity Developer and VR Generalist with years of expertise.

Olli Queck

Senior Unity Artist

Oliver Queck is a skilled and experienced 3D Artist, Unity Developer and VR Generalist, with a strong background in interactive-, game- and interfacedesign.

Philip Greiner-Petter

Senior Unity Artist

Philip Greiner-Petter is a skilled Unity Developer and 3D Artist with Skills in interactivity and gaming logic programming.

Sebastian Wüst

Senior Network Programmer

Sebastian Wüst is a skilled cross-platform network programmer

Joachim Schmidt

VR Diving Specialist

Joachim is an experienced diving instructor anddeveloper of our SwimVR Diving Headset

G. Reusch

Music and Sound Artist

He is an exceptionally talented and experienced games music composer veteran.
Producing video game music and sound design for over a decade now, he is the ideal addition to the VR Coaster team, making our virtual worlds even more exciting with the acoustic component.


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